Full Emotions loves live theater, and besides producing different plays in the US and Spain, it is the production company in charge of the international theater festival of short pieces the Brisk Festival with more than 250 participants in each of its cities.

What makes live theater so special? The human interaction between the players on stage and their audience. With our theater productions we multiply raw and creative energy with a diverse group of ensembles, directors and writers exchanging ideas and learning from each other.



The Brisk Festival is an International Theatre Festival that features short plays up to 10 min long. It was created in 2018 and is produced by Full Emotions.

The II Edition of the LA Brisk Festival is to be held in Santa Monica, California at the Morgan-Wixson theater from April 1st to May 1st, 2022.

The first edition was held at the Broadwater Main Stage Theater from July 11th until August 11th, with a success of participation (250 artists, 52 plays), and attendance (around 3,000 people).

The Brisk Festival believes in the magic and power that theater can bring to human beings. That’s why we like to celebrate our love for theater with wonderful and talented artists that want to share their stories with our audiences. Our superb list of short plays in the competition is chosen after a long selection process that encourages any type of stories or artists (in the first edition there were more than 400 submissions).

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