We love to shoot movies. From feature films to short films. We like to use the magic of the Seventh Art to create powerful stories with meaningful messages. Some of our projects have been very successful and have been selected in the most prestigious film festivals of the world such as Sundance, Tribeca, Los Angeles, Austin, Nantucket, or Edinburgh among many more.



Logline: In a dangerous post apocalyptic era, a young survivor tries to find the only safe place on earth. On his journey, he’ll meet the love of his life, with whom he’ll discover what mature love is.

Written & directed by Javier Barbera.

Cast: Christian Rodrigo & Mariela Garriga.


Logline: A commissioner commissions two three different painters the challenge of creating a new painting that can embody the spirit, soul, mind and breath of a woman. This commission would be the biggest challenge they had ever faced in their lives as artists.

Written by Darian Lane.

Cast: Christian Rodrigo, Joyce Giraud, Gladise Jimenez.

THE key of hapPiness

Logline: A romantic comedy about starting to get old, friendship, love, loneliness and all the things unsaid that one carries stupidly.

Written & directed by Roger Delmont.

Cast: Miquel Fernández, Alexandra Jiménez, Andrea Trepat, Christian Rodrigo, Emilio Gutierrez Caba, Alberto Lozano & Irene Montalà.  


Logline: 2 Shots of Tequila tells the emotional and extraordinary story of Dom and Avi, two homeless men who meet on a typical day in Los Angeles. This film is inspired by the over 550,000 men, women and children living on the streets of America.

Written by Thomas Stavros.

Directed by Juan Zapata.
Cast: Marlon Moreno.


Logline: A thriller about the construction of La Sagrada Familia and the misteries surrounding it. A photographer will look for his lost girlfriend, one of the architects of the cathedral.

Original idea by Luis Goyanes & Christian Rodrigo.

Directed by Luis Goyanes.

Cast: Christian Rodrigo.


Logline: Romantic-Horror film based in Colombia, during XIX century. An impossible love story between a priest and an orphan girl will lead into horrible consequences.

Directed by José Villalobos & Fito Rivera.

Cast: Christian Rodrigo.



Logline:Christopher is getting ready for one of his most important concerts, and everything has to be perfect.

Written & directed by José Villalobos.

Cast: Christian Rodrigo, Meta Golding & Ana Corbí

Festivals: Tribeca, Austin, Nantucket, Malaga, Gaudi Awards, Filmets, Aguilar del Campo, Hollyshorts..

Year: 2012.


Logline: A very shy guy decides to be closen up to the rest of the world, and he becomes very good friend with someone very special.

Written & directed by Pablo Larcuen.

Cast: Pablo Vásquez, Montse Martínez, Sergio Huguet, Jordi Romanós.

Festivals: Sundance, Los Angeles, Seattle, Malaga, Edinburg, Puerto Rico, Gaudi Awards..

Year: 2009.


Logline: Romantic thriller. A duel for the love a young women, between a young men and a Duque.

Written & directed by Fabian Matas.

Cast: Enric Cusí, Christian Rodrigo, Monica Mcfer, Pep Papell, Alex Molero.

Festivals: Pre selection Gaudi Awards.

Year: 2010.


Logline: Alfons, who is struggling in his life, will have to pay a very high ransom if he wants to see his daughter again. He’ll do whatever is needed to see her again.

Written & directed by Luis Goyanes.

Cast: Christian Rodrigo, Judit Uriach, Blanca Martínez, Miquel Folch & Jordi Salas.

Festivals: Manresa Film Festival.

Year: 2009.


Logline: A young man will hide in an empty building scaping from an army, trying to commit suicide, but he’ll be very surprise about what he’ll find there.

Written & directed by Javier Ideami.

Cast: Christian Rodrigo.

Year: 2008.

YOU'Re my life

Logline: A young couple will try to live a beautiful and perfect love story, but they will realize that it’s much more complicated and impossible than it seems.

Written & directed by Christian Rodrigo.

Cast: Maria Aceves & Christian Rodrigo.

Year: 2011.