About the company

We’re a small big production company. Small in terms of size but big in terms of ideas, projects and people we develop projects with. We have offices in Los Angeles,CA and in Barcelona, Spain.

We are a young, dynamic and creative cinema, television, theater, music videos, commercials and events production company, located in Los Angeles, CA, and in Barcelona, Spain.

Entertainment is our main reason to be, and that’s why our projects are focused on entertaining audiences. Our international orientation allows us to think in global projects, for a wide variety of cultures. Although our main aim is to realize cinematographic projects, we also have an interest in the television and the scenic arts as complementary of the seventh art, trying to create 360º projects.

Our philosophy is to entertain with quality audiovisual products and live events. That’s why our main focus is in our human teams, trying to work always with the best professionals, in an artistic and technical sense.

We always work in very ethical and encouraging environments, making a true wonderful experience for everyone who is involved, while reaching high quality results full of emotions.